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Term 6 Moon Zoom

Our last terms topic is Moon Zoom...all about Space. 


The children have been set topic homework. They could choose to create, research or write about anything to do with space. Here are their amazing topic projects so far....

Absolutely fantastic!

In English we have been using the story Beegu to support us in our work. We have read the story many times and acted it out. The children were fabulous at acting out the different parts of the story - Beginning, Build Up, Problem, Resolution and the Ending. See if they can tell you the different parts the feelings of Beegu. 

In Maths this term we have been looking at directional and positional language. One of the jobs the children had to complete was to successfully direct their partner to a place in the playground using the language learnt. The child being given the directions had to follow them exactly how they were given...this sometimes led to them going the wrong way! They had a lot of fun learning about directional and positional language. 

They then went on to plan and write their own innovated version of the story Beegu. They made a change to the problem and resolution too. Can your child tell you their new character's name and problem?. 

As part of our English work we have been learning how to innovate - change- some key features of a story in order to make it our own. The first thing the children did was to create their own alien character and describe its appearance and feelings. They did a fantastic job! 

As part of our science work we have been looking at how things grow and change over time and recording it in a diary. Some children's bean plants grew really well and some did not grow at all...we had lots of discussions on why this could be. Hope you all enjoyed the bean plants that came home!

In English we looked at newspaper reports and wrote our own for Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon. We practised in our own TV reporting station. 


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Egg Drop Challenge!

Did your child's egg survive the drop?

Slime! Slime! Slime!

The children loved making their slime. They got to choose what to mix with the cornflour - yoghurt, PVA glue or just water. Very messy but fun!

In RE we have been learning about Judaism and explored all the significant religious items that they use to celebrate their religion. The children were very interested in learning their names and purpose. 

In our Art and Design lesson we planned our rockets including listing the materials needed then chose the recycled materials to make our rockets following our plan. Some looked exactly how they planned and some changed it along the way! They were all amazing. 

Designing and making our own pizzas. The children planned their own pizzas, they had free choice of their toppings and then made them the next day. They were very tasty!