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Term 5- Bright Lights Big City



In this term we are going to be looking at lots of different exciting things! This term Our topic is Bright Lights, Big City. So, we are going to be looking at London, the Queen of England and The Great Fire of London! 


In English we will be inviting the Queen for a Tea Party to celebrate her birthday and the Queens Platinum Jubilee. We will then be moving on to look at the interesting Great Fire of London. We will be looking at how the fire started, the series of events and key people who were apart of the Great Fire of London. We will then be writing our very own diary entry as if we were in London in 1666. 


Our theme for this term that we will be looking at in assemblies is Friendship and what makes a good friend. We will be looking out to see if anyone is show they key signs of friendship (listening, being kind, being helpful, sharing and being respectful) 


I will be uploading all our your great work and some lovely photos from any activities that we do throughout this term. 


I hope you enjoy all of our wonderful learning!

This week we have been looking at money, different way to make amounts and adding money together. The children have found this quite fun and a bit of a challenge. But we like a challenge! laugh

This week our theme has been all about being kind, sharing, playing nicely and taking turns. So to make this fun, during PHSE we discussed the importance of sharing and taking turns and then had a go at playing a few games with the focus behind it making sure all our friends have a turn and that we share. The children found this all so exciting! 

Sharing and taking turns

We have moved on to a new topic in English this week, The Great Fire of London. To help us understand how the people might have felt during The Great Fire of London we used some drama techniques. The children found this extremely exciting and from this we came up with some amazing vocabulary to describe the people emotions. Here are some images from our freeze frames: 

Freeze frames

Continuing with the Great Fire of London, we explored the differences from now and in 1666. We look at what people would have used to write, a quill and ink. To help to children understand just how different and difficult it is we gave each child a feather and some watered down paint, we then had a go at writing a short diary entry using the feather and ink. After we discussed the difficulties they had, what they liked about it and what they didn't like about writing with a quill and ink. It was a bit of a messy job:) 

Writing with a feather and ink

In science this week we were experimenting with different materials. We wrapped a piece of cotton wool inside different types of materials which we then placed into water to identify whether or not the material is water proof. The children found this fascinating and really enjoyed experimenting with water.  

Material experimenting