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Land Ahoy!


This term in English we are going to be writing about a pirate and the adventure that entails. In our writing we well be using, nouns, noun phrases and exciting adjectives that will entice our readers in. To create the best writing possible we will be stepping into a pirates shoes and pretending to experience what they might have. 


To follow on from out English theme we will be investigating the Titanic during Topic (History and Geography). We will be using our reading skill to help us find key facts in different types of text and to place the events of the Titanic in a chronological order. 


In Design and Technology we will be creating our very own titanic moving picture book using skills like, cutting, sticking and creating sliders to allow our images to move. I am very excited for our DT project as I can't wait to see what we create. 


In Science we will be using our investigative and experimental skills to answer questions on different materials. Our aim is to find out why we might use certain materials for some objects, what their properties are and if they sink or float. 


Keep checking in on this page to keep updated with all that we will be doing during this term.