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Autumn 2-Let's Celebrate

Let's Celebrate!



Our topic this term is all about celebrations! We will be exploring Bonfire night, along with Diwali and Christmas. We will be continuing our learning of Phase 2 sounds and beginning to segment and blend to read and write simple cvc words.



 We are very excited about this term!


What a lovely start back to our Autumn 2 term! We have been exploring the story of Pumpkin Soup this week. Ask your child to retell the story of Pumpkin Soup in their own words. :)

Pumpkin Soup


This week in Literacy we have been exploring the story 'Pumpkin Soup'. We then explored lots of different recipe books and looked for yummy recipes of soup! We found a pumpkin soup recipe! Miss Dines decided to make Pumpkin Soup for us all to try. We taste tested the pumpkin soup and made a chart showing if we liked the soup or if we did not like the soup. 


Look at our results...



17 children enjoyed the pumpkin soup and only 5 child did not like the soup.



Look at our spiders web!

Look at our new role play area!


Elm class received a letter from Simon! He told us that it is his birthday next week. We have been busy writing invitations to all of our friends.



In preparation for Simon's birthday party, we explored recipe books and writing this week. We selected a recipe and made cupcakes in our school kitchen! We listened very carefully to make ensure we had all of the correct ingredients.

This week in Maths we have been exploring Measure. We have been measuring each other using non-standard measurements such as blocks and even pencils! We measured Miss Dines using housepoints! Can you remember how many housepoints long Miss Dines was?!

Simon's Birthday Party!


To celebrate the end of our birthday learning, we finally threw Simon a birthday party! Over the last two weeks we have created party invitations, party food lists and explored birthday cake recipes! What a busy term we are having. 


Look at how much fun we had at Simon's birthday party! (It was also Laura's birthday! Happy birthday Laura!)





Look at what we have achieved this week in our Phonics learning! Some of us have began writing CVC words such as s-u-n- sun! and c-a-t- cat! We have been working hard to segment and blend simple CVC words too. Keep practising at home and sing along to the jolly Phonics songs below!

Jolly Phonics!



This week we had a visit from a little Elf! He left us messages and emails with clues about where he was hiding. We have been very busy writing little messages back to him. He even left us two advent calendars to begin on the 1st of December!





LOOK AT OUR CHEEKY CLASS ELF! Some of us have completed some fabulous writing to the class Elf this week.

The Elf delivered us a Christmas Tree! We decorated our classroom Christmas this week!

Photos from our Christmas Play 2021! We will be uploading the video to our EYFS class teams pages over the next couple of weeks!