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Ancient Civilisations

We made triaramas in French to represent different French shops

We applied different sketching techniques to sketch a pharaoh statue

We used different sources to understand everyday life in ancient Egypt.

We sketched Lady Liberty as part of our exploration of statues in Art

Our History posters on ancient Egyptian life

We used mirrors in Maths to identify lines of symmetry.

We worked in partners to develop our figure drawing

As part of our French lesson, we experienced a French birthday party. We received our invites, wrote a birthday card, played some party games and even had some cake! Joyeux Anniversaire!

We built our prototypes for our tomb builders topic in D&T

We made simple circuits in Science

In PSHE, we explored financial responsibility by deciding how best to manage our 'money'

In English, we freeze framed the different sections of The Story Of Osiris