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Term 5 - Traders & Raiders

The children have enjoyed making Viking Long ships

We all agree that onion bhajis are a delicious addition to learning all about Eid!

For Mental Health Week, we have been thinking about how being out in nature can help us. We were inspired by the artist, Andy Goldsworthy, to create our own land art.

Playing a 3d maths game - can the children guess the shape from the information about faces, edges and vertices??

The children have loved learning about electricity in Science!

The children have been learning about Roman Numerals - They played a game of Snakes and Ladders, reading the numbers using Roman numerals.  


Fun fact!

Did you know that the Romans didn't use the number 0 (zero)?

Tuesday 4th May

Wednesday 28th April.


Today the children have been learning all about The Eightfold Path in Buddhism.  They have been thinking about looking at life in the right way - being positive!

The children thinking about making positive choices.

20th April 2021


The children have been looking at decimals today in maths.  They  were given a spiral to work in pairs to add them numbers to the correct place on the line.


13th April - The children have enjoyed trying to follow instructions in our English lesson today ... some more successfully than others!

Vikings and Raiders

Welcome to Summer Term 2.


Our topic in year 4 this term is Viking and Raiders in which the children will be learning all about where the Viking's came from and where they settled.


In Science this term, the children will be learning all about electricity and making circuits.