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Autumn 2- The Enchanted Woodland

Our new topic is called The Enchantednd Woodland.

Over the half term the children were set a project on Teams, to create something linking to this topic.

We had two fantastic pieces of work which the children uploaded.

Take a look :)



This week is Maths Week so we have tried to look at how we use Maths in others ways. 

We did an art lesson that linked to Maths and used our knowledge of symmetry to draw half of our faces. 

To carry the theme of Maths week we carried out a Maths lesson relating to real life. We chose to bake to cookies as we discussed how we need to measure the ingredients. The children had lots of fun and got to eat their cookies after.

The final week of term!


We have been getting ready for the Christmas holidays so we have been doing lots of Christmas crafts. The children have also made gingerbread biscuits.