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Spring 1- We are all Superheroes!


Please be prepared to enter our Superhero headquarters!




We have been learning about a new story - SUPERTATO! Look at how we have been exploring the classroom...

In Literacy this week, we have been busy writing to SUPERHERO DINES! Superhero DINES visited us earlier on in the week.. she had lots of different super powers such as SUPER STRENGTH, SUPER SPEED AND INVISIBILITY!

In Maths this week we have been exploring TIME! We explored different ways of measuring and telling the time, along with making our own watches!

The children in Elm class are working really hard on learning all of their phase 2 and 3 tricky words! I wonder if you could sing the song to your families? :)

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SUPERHERO TRICKY WORD CHALLENGE! In Phonics we have been timing the children to read as many tricky words as they can in 1 minute! WOW!

We have been busy with our learning this week!


In Literacy this week the evil pea wrote a letter to Elm class. He told us that he has captured Simon! :( 

This week we have been busy writing replies to the Evil Pea, wanted Posters for him and planning our traps! Eventually we caught him! 

We decided to make the Evil Pea into PEA SOUP! MWAHAHAHAHAH


Each morning we are set a writing task- this week we have been busy writing CVC words! Look at our fabulous independent writing! Some of us have started to write a simple sentence. Well done Elm class for working so hard this week!

Take a look at what we have been doing in class this week :)

Chinese New Year


This week we have been learning all about the celebration of 'Chinese New Year'. We have been making links between different celebrations and how we celebrate different festivals.


This year is the year of the tiger! We have been creating masks in our Arts and Craft area, measuring dragons in Maths and learning how to mark make and write Chinese letters and numbers!


We have been working hard on our writing this week! We have been using the resources in our classroom to support us!

Our longest dragon competition! Well done to Nikodem!

Digraphs can be really hard to spot in words during early reading. This week in Phonics we have been focussing on spotting the digraphs and trigraphs. Remember- STOP! AND LOOK FOR THE DIGRAPHS BEFORE YOU READ THE WORD!