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Term 3 - Emperors and Empires

Emperors and Empires.

In this term's learning we are going to be exploring The Roman from AD43 - 410. The children will be learning why the Romans where a key part of our History. To do this, the children will look at timelines, recorded history and artefcts.

In English, we will be looking at persuasive texts and Non-Chronological reports and then creating our own. In Topic, the children will be learning about Roman settlers and how this chance the lives of the people alive in those times. We will be comparing Roman times with modern day life. 

In DT, the children will be investigating cold drinks. We will be tasting different flavours and then combining them to create a new flavour. Then looking at marketing a new product and how this is conducted.

In Science, we are expanding on our prior knowledge of plants. Looking more closely at key features and why these are so very important to plants growth.  






Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD)

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Year three are learning this iconic song in their music lessons.

In Science we have been investigating a plants root system.