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Autumn 2 - Beat, Band, Boogie!


We hope you have had a lovely autumn break and are looking forward to learning about all of the exciting things we have planned for you! This half term our topic is 'Beat, Band, Boogie!'. We will be learning all about different instruments throughout the ages and influential musicians from our local area and nationally. We are even having a visit from a musician where we are going to get to experiment with unusual instruments! Keep an eye on this page to follow all of the fun things we get up to this half term!

We have been reading the story of 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier' by Hans Christian Andersen in English. In preparation for retelling the story and then innovating it to make it our own, we have carried out lots of drama this week including role on the wall, freeze frames, thought tracking, sculpting and guided tours. This has helped us to delve deeper in the the characters thoughts and feelings. Here are some picture of us!

In Maths we have been learning all about shape! Here are some pictures of us using our knowledge of shape properties to guess our partners shape, and sorting shapes into categories.

In D&T this half term we are going to be making our own drums! However, before doing this we needed to have a look at some real drums to help us decide on what our design criteria was going to be. After look at all of these drums and having a go on them, we decided that the design criteria for our drums is going to be:

- Easy to hold and play

- Brightly coloured

- Circular in shape

Keep an eye on this page to see how our drums turn out!

We had the most AMAZING afternoon this week! We had a visitor called Steve come in and show us all of his wonderful musical instruments! We learned all about percussion and different types of percussion from all around the world. We learned that in some countries their use percussion to communicate between villages! Steve even let us have a go on his instruments, and we made a rhythm altogether. We had a FANTASTIC time!


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