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Term 6



Feedback from school Council meeting.


Issues raised from class councils.

  • Can we have more toys for outside?
  • Year two is very happy with the water bottle holders.
  • Can we have more first aiders outside at break time?
  • Can we have mats outside to sit on?
  • Is it possible to have a wider variety of snacks such as mangos and pineapples?
  • Can we have a bigger basketball court?
  • We are concerned that the dinner supervisors are not supervising properly. (We have mentioned this to Mrs James at the end of our meeting today.)
  • Is it possible to replace the metal benches with new safer ones?
  • We only get second helping when Mr Rapps is in the dinner hall. The extra food is thrown in the bin when he is not there.


School Council with our healthy packed lunch box competition winners.



This week your school council members are brining a letter from Mr Rapps to read to you.

Competition winners for our healthy packed lunch competition have been chosen and will be anounced during Thursday assembly.


Feedback from class councils


Year 3 have asked if we can have a cooking club for years 3&4 and 5&6.

Year 4 have asked if we can have new plastic tickets for the tuck shop. They are also concerned that the girls toilets are broken and the ilrs are leaving water all over the floor.

Year 5 have asked if we can have Pritt sticks instead of the glue sticks that we currently have which are not strong enough.

Year 6 have asked if we can visit our new school buliding.




Feedback from Jasmine and Nadiyah about their meeting with Mr Rapps. He has ordered new football vests for playtimes.


Feedback from class councils that Jannah and Bilal are going to talk to Mr Rapps about on your behalf.


Year 1- Can we have more books for the classroom?

          - Can we have more skipping ropes for the playground?


Year 3- Can we have chalk to draw with outside?


Year 4- Can we now play on the field?

         -Can we bring our own water bottles to school?


Year 5- What is the point in being able to talk in Friday assemblies if we have to sit boy/girl?


  Year 6- Can we have more water fountains?  We are concerned that children are messing around near them, there are long   

               queues to use them and the water is warm rather than cold.