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Term 2

Happy New Year everyone!


Our next School Council meeting will be on Friday 10th January @ 1.45pm.



Thank you for all your feedback from class councils.


We will be meeting with Miss Sutton to ask the following questions;


  • Can we have a whole school art day to create pictures to go in the dinner hall to replace the old ones?
  • Can we do some fund raising for Australia?
  • We would like a magician club.
  • The upstairs boys toilet door are locking when they are not locked and are very creaky.
  • The monkey bars are loose, can we have these tightened?
  • The dinner hall floor is often dirty and can be slippery as a result.
  • Can we have different meals for hot dinners?
  •   Can we have a TT rock stars club at lunchtime?


We will also be;

  • Talking to Mr Birtwistle about the holes in the football nets.
  • Reminding Sandy to put the recycling bin out for the crisp packets at break time
  • Talking to Mrs James about the skipping ropes at lunchtime.




Thank you for feedback from class councils. Here are the things that we will be talking to Miss Sutton about for you;


  • Can we have bike outside instead of scooters sometimes?
  • Can we have ice lollies rather than ice poles?
  • Can we have a movie night?


We will also be talking to;


Sandy about the quality of the fruit.

Mr Birtwistle about doing more basketball.

Mrs James about the dinner ladies.