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KS1 Activities

Smartie the Penguin ‘Time to chat’ questions

Important words to check understanding of throughout

Tablet – eg ipads

Deleted – slide 15

Block – slide 31, this is where you can stop someone from contacting you again in the future.

Report – slide 31 (year 1 + 2), this is where you can tell the game, app, website etc that someone isn’t being very nice and they will help.

Mute – Slide 31 (year 2), this is where you can ‘mute’ messages so you don’t have to see them coming through but the other player doesn’t know.



Year 1/2

Slide 10 – What can you see in this picture? What might have happened? Have you seen pictures like this on your tablet before? – Answers may include Smartie has spent money/ It’s asking for money/ it’s saying he has won something/ winner with lots of stars

Slide 11 – Should Smartie try to fix it by himself or should he ask for help? Ask your child -most children will suggest that he asks for help. Now discuss why this is the correct choice – answers may include the fact that he might “break” it / make it worse / Daddy Penguin is an adult who knows more than Smartie / it might be a computer virus / Smartie doesn’t know what it is or what it’s for etc…

Slide 20 - Should Smartie try to find his favourite website by himself or ask Daddy Penguin for help? Ask your child. Now discuss why asking for help is the right answer – e.g. he might go to the wrong website and see something that upsets him / he might spell it wrong / he might press the wrong buttons and make the situation worse etc…

Slide 27 – Why might Smartie be feeling sad? How might Percy be feeling? And why might someone be unkind online? – Answers may include Smartie is feeling sad for Percy/ Percy is upset, angry, worried/ someone might be unkind because they think it is funny or they are feeling sad themselves.

Slide 28 – Should Smartie just ignore the messages and do nothing or should he tell mummy and daddy instead? Ask your child. Now discuss why asking for help is the right answer – e.g. a parent can help you to stop those messages, they know more about technology so they can help you, parents could show you were buttons are to stop messages, if you are upset then talking to someone can help you feel better.

Slide 37 – Smartie is very lucky because he has mummy and daddy penguin to help him! But who can help you? – make sure they give examples of adults at home and at school. If they mention siblings or friends then it is important to reinforce the message that an adult is the best person to help you.