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Term 5- Alive and Kicking!



Our topic this term is all about lifecycles, change, animals and Spring time! 


Spring walk!



This week in Pine class we went on a 'Spring Walk' in our forest school area. We explored the outside environment using magnifying glasses and found lots of 'signs of Spring!'. Daffodils, buds, green leaves, insects, nests and blossom!



Understanding of the World- Science



This week in Science we took part in a science experiment! Our question was:


'What will happen when we pour hot water over Skittles?'


Look at our results..


Pine Class recieved a royal letter!

This week we recieved a special letter! It was an invitation to a royal coronation party on Friday 5th May! Pine class posted their replies. We are so excited to plan our party!



This week's learning in pictures!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

This week in class we have been exploring the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We designed our own fruit kebabs, labelled them and then created them! 



This week in Literacy, we have been exploring another Eric Carle book- 'The Very Busy Spider'. We have been innovating our own stories! We became authors and illustrators! 


Look at the titles of our new books-


Miss Dines- The Very Fabulous Spider

Olivia- The Very Make-up Spider

Hashim- The Very Sporty Spider

Mrs Cox- The Very Smart Spider


Our class ADJECTIVE spider web!


We also learnt all about adjectives this week and how we can use them in our writing to strengthen our sentences. We made an adjective spider web! We used cotton wool to create our web and threw the wool to each person, whilst describing an aspect of their appearance! For example: Amaan has brown, shiny hair.


This was such a fun way to describe each other using brilliant adjectives! Look at our class web! :)