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  Amazing Me!



This topic is all about getting to know one another as we settle into our new class! We will be learning about how our bodies work, talking about our likes, dislikes, similarities and differences and why we are special! 


We can't wait to find out more about our AMAZING class in September! 

Our class spider web!

Spooky Halloween!


We have been learning about all things Halloween! We have been exploring using spiders to help with our counting, carving pumpkins and making our own skeletons. We have also enjoyed reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and learning the nursery rhyme 'I'm a Little Pumpkin!' (it sounds just like 'I'm a Little Teapot!')




Have a look at our spooky skeletons below!

More halloween fun..

Number of the week!


We have been learning about a new number each week. Last week we learnt about the number zero. The children have been using the language 'empty', 'nothing' and 'none' to describe anything that shows zero. We have also been learning about Zero the Hero! 


This week, we are learning about the number 1. We have learnt that we have 1 tongue, 1 nose and 1 head. Children have been found different ways of showing the number 1 below. Can you find 1 pencil at home? Can you find 1 toy?

Our first week in school!

Amazing Me!


Elm class have had a lovely week! They have been really busy doing lots of different activities with grown ups and with their friends. 


Some of the activities they have really enjoyed are playing in the mud kitchen, using the small world toys, practicing their number formation and playing on the hill in our garden.


The children have settled in really well and we are so proud of them!