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Term 5



Thank you to all the children who gave there opinions on how to encourage children to bring healthy packed lunches and snacks from home. You had some fab ideas. We will now be asking our schools Young Ambassadors to ask your parents their views on these suggestions.


We have also created a healthy packed lunch competition. Your School Council members have the sheets for you. All you need to do is create a healthy packed lunch and return the sheet to Miss Brear by the 12th June.


Feedback from Class Councils.


Year 3 - Would like more football vests for the playground and a cricket club.

Year 4  Are concerned that year 6 children are not passing the ball to them in football. They would like a year 3/4 football pitch and a 5/6 football pitch?


Jasmine and Nadiya have a meeting with Mr Rapps  to talk about these issues.





18/05/15 School Council in session.



  • Thank you to everyone for filling in Mrs James questionnaire about lunch time rewards. We have passed these onto her.
  • Mr Rapps has written back to the School Council regarding the issues you raised in Class Councils. Your School council members have a copy of this to read to you at you next Class Council meeting.
  • Your School Council members have a healthy food letter and questions to share with you in Class Councils.


Feedback from Class Councils which Hamdi and Fatima will talk to Mr Rapps about.


Year 1 Hazel: Can we have healthy lunch prizes/house points again?

Year 3: Can we have a school disco?

            On a hot day can packed lunches eat their lunch outside?

Year 4: Can we have a Mad Science club again?

             The girls toilets are often broken.

Year 5: The lunchtime hot dinner trays are dirty.






School council meeting feedback.


Thank you to all the class councils who sent back their healthy lunches questionnaire. The majority of children agree with the idea of healthy packed lunches Monday-Thursday with Friday being a treat day.


After class councils asking if lunchtime rewards could start up again this is now starting again from this term. Mrs James has asked us to ask you about ideas for prizes for lunchtime winners. School Council members will be asking you in class councils for your ideas.

  Feedback from class councils;


Year 4 - Can we have a cooking club again?

          - Can we have a girls football club?

          - Is it possible to have water pots in the toilets for Muslim children to use?


Year 3 - Can we have a year 3/4 football club again on a Monday morning?


Hamdi and Fatima are going to meet with Mr Rapps to discuss the matters raised by you.