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Spring 1 - Emperors and Empires

What a fun and informative Roman Day!!

We had an interesting afternoon closely observing the roots of plants.

Roman Empire 


In this topic, the children will be learning all about the Roman settlers and the impact and influences they have left in the United Kingdom. We will be recapping on the difference between the terms AD and BC,  to chronologically order important dates and make a timeline. We will be asking questions to help the children explore and understand the timeline, such as ‘When did Julius Caesar invade Britain? When did the Romans conquer Britain? What happened in AD 410?’ 

Throughout the topic, the children  will study many of the events on the timeline, including the impact that this great empire had on British history.

The Roman Empire

Before the Romans came to Britain, very few people could read or write. The Romans kept written records, which is how we know so much about them and their life in Britannia. The children will be analysing the original written accounts in a journal and use them as evidence to compose a historical report, about life in Roman Britannia.