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Key Stage 1 Data

A Quick Guide to Key Stage 1 Assessment:

The tests take place during the month of May for all Year 2 pupils in England (there are no fixed dates) and they cover three curriculum areas: Maths, Reading and Writing.


The tests will be in your child's usual classroom, with their usual teacher, in small groups or sometimes as a whole class. 

Each test lasts around 30 minutes, although they won't be strictly timed. 

After it's all over the tests will be marked in school and at the end of term, you'll be informed of the results 

There are six tests in total, 4 compulsory and 2 optional: 

  • Maths - Test 1 Arithmetic
  • Maths - Test 2 Reasoning
  • Reading - test 1
  • Reading - test 2