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Summer term 1



Thank you for all your feedback from Class Councils. This is what we are going to talk to Mr Rapps about.

  • When is the exercise area going to be done?
  • Would it be possible to have a colouring in area on the tables at lunchtime?
  • We have seen in the parks large xylophones. Could we have one for our playground?
  • We would like to have a film night would this be possible. There were issues with picking up last time could we have Key Stage nights instead to help with this?
  • We would like to have a gardening club one lunch time or after school. Would this be possible for Mrs James to do this?
  • We asked before if we could have a cooking club but this still has not started.
  • When is the five year cycle for the blinds finishing?



Thank you for all your feed back from Class Councils. This is what we will be talking to Mr Rapps about.


  • The toilet locks in the KS1 girl’s toilets are not working and  in KS2 the toilets are not flushing properly.
  • We have had complaints that the chips at lunch time are very mushy.
  • We are concerned that the beam supporting the monkey bars is wobbly.