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Heroes and Villains

We are going to start the term with a WoW day, where everyone becomes a super hero for the day. Dressing up in our capes and masks, super hero costumes or in super, secret disguise like Clark Kent aka Superman. By the end of this topic, the children will learn about different heroes and villains. In English they will start the term writing a biography about the villainess Cruella De Vil. Moving on to other infamous villains such as Bonnie and Clyde, using songs, riddles and comic strips to tell their tales.

In History, the children will be learning about how dedicated people used their skills to change their future for our benefit. People like Mary Seacole- nursing skills, Emmeline Pankhurst – votes for woman, Winstone Churchill - British Prime Minister and Princess Diana – her work with charities.

In Science this term, the children will investigating Forces and Magnets. They will be exploring how the push and pull force can be both a start and stop force. Then using magnets the children will be exploring the attract and repel force, learning why a magnet has different poles and investigating which materials are attracted or repelled by the magnet.