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Spring 2



Please can we arrange a time to come and talk to you about the following items that were raised at our School Council meeting?


  • Is it possible for Pete to have a look at the light in the KS1 boy’s toilet as it goes off quickly?
  • Do you know when the logs on the field are going to be fixed?
  • The bike stands are wobbly, is it possible to have new ones?
  • The computers in the library are very slow and do not really work. Is it possible to have new ones?
  • Can the Year 6 children have an end of year book?
  • We gave you the list of Litter Buddies a little while ago, when do you plan to start this scheme?
  • Can we have new goals for the bottom playground?



During the month of March Marie Curie are running their Great Daffodil Appeal.


Marie Curie provides care and support for over 50,000 people living with terminal illness and their families each year in the UK.

To show our support for this fabulous charity the School Council will be selling the Marie Curie Daffodil badges, suggested donation of £1, in the playground on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March after school.



This year we will be organising the Big Pedal. This will take place on the 20th of March till 24th March.

We will be telling you all about it and how to take part in our Big pedal assembly on Monday.


We have put up Big pedal posters and banner to help remind you.






Thank you for your feedback from Class Councils. Here are the things that we will be talking to Mr Rapps about.

  • Children are saying that the same children get to go to Mrs Lanes and they do not get to go.
  • Would it be possible to lower the coat pegs of purchase a step for Year 2 children as they are struggling to reach?
  • The toilet door locks near the dinner hall are stiff. Can Pete have a look at these for us?
  • Would it be possible to have the big pencils and wooden train in our playground again?


We are organising the Big Pedal this year. Would you be able to encourage the other teachers to come on their bikes rather than their cars during this week?