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Term 2- Bright Lights, Big City


This term we will be learning about London.


We will start the term with a special tea party, who will be our Royal guest?


In English we will read a story about London and then innovate it to make it our own. We will also be writing a setting description based on this story.


In Geography we will be learning about  about the physical and human characteristics of the United Kingdom, including a detailed exploration of the characteristics and features of the capital city, London.


In DT we will be exploring wheels and axels before making our own moving vehicles. 

Our first two days of the new term we have spent talking about our New Years Resolution and recapping all our previous Maths learning. 

We completed some practical maths activities to practice our number bonds to 10, solve addition sentences and using the symbols greater than and less than.

Yesterday we had a very special 'Royal Day!' The 'King' came to visit us and we did lots of different things during the day in preparation for his visit. This included learning all about the King, learning how to bow and curtsy, learning the national anthem, decorating the classroom and learning a ballroom dance. In our English lessons we will be writing a recount all about our day.

This week in our Geography lesson we have been learning all about Landmarks.

In our last lesson this week we used natural materials to create weather symbols. This type of artwork is called transient art because it can be moved, changed and put away.

In PSHE we talked about all the different feelings we may feel. We discussed how our facial expression and body language might look when feeling those feelings and how we can tell how somebody is feeling

See if you can identify each feeling by looking at these pictures.

The story we are focusing on in our English lessons is called 'Katie in London.' Before we read the story we all made predictions about what we think might happen. We then had a lesson where we focused on sculpting and thought tapping. We had to imagine we were the characters in the story and say what that character might be thinking.

In this picture below, the children have been sculpted into a picture from the book. The children had to tell them what to do with their bodies and facial expressions so they would represent the picture. 


This term in Maths we have been focusing on numbers up to 20. We have been looking at ways to make these numbers using practical resources such as number shapes and base 10. When we make numbers that are between 10 and 20 we use the language tens and ones.

We have been reading the story Katie in London and we have been learning to retell the story using a story map and actions. Here is a video retelling the middle part of our story using actions.

Still image for this video

This term in music is very fun because we are learning how to play the recorders! In our first lesson we practised how to hold the recorder and we learnt how to play the note B.

Still image for this video

World Book Day!


Take a look at the amazing Easter Bonnets children made at home!