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Term 3

Next school council meeting will be on Monday 23rd March @2.30pm



Today we are bringing back from the School Council a few questions to ask you about healthy packed lunches, we will be asking your Mums and Dads the same questions. We are also bringing a letter from Mr Rapps to share with you regarding the things you raised in Class Councils.





Shannel and Ahmed have asked to meet with Mr Rapps to talk about the feedback from Class Councils.


Year 5

  • Would like to have tennis courts when the mobile is removed.
  • Would like better play equipment.

Year 6

  • The trays in the dinner hall are dirty by the time they use them.
  • Dinner ladies have stopped doing the rewards for tables, can this start again?

Year 2

  • Do not want big children playing with small children as they can be rough.


  • Would like the goal posts to be replaced.

Year 4

Toilets are messy and there are bits that need fixing. The KS2 boys toilets are too small.





Our next School Council meeting will be on Monday 9th February.  If you have anything you would like raised please see you class representatives.




We are going to be organising a whole school sponsored run.




  • Ahmed is going to ask Mr Rapps for a date that we can do it



  • Year five class council asked if we can have more balls for the playground. Jasmine is going to talk to Mr Rapps about ordering you some.
  • Year Five also said that KS1 children are not putting the play equipment away and are not looking after it. KS1 school council members are going to talk to their classes.