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Term 5 Bright Lights Big City

Our topic for this term is all about London and The Queen and 

we will be learning about the Fire of London.


In our first week back we designed invitations to the Queen to attend a special tea party, unfortunately she

sent a response saying she had other commitments that date. She did however say that she was sending a representative 

in her place....Lady Spencer!


We learnt about the rules we needed to remember when meeting a royal and practised our bowing and curtsying. 

We waved flags that we had made when we met her and sang the National Anthem. The children had a lovely tea with cakes and sandwiches and got to ask Lady Spencer some questions! To finish the party off we practised some waltzing which the children were very good at. Everyone had an amazing time and Lady Spencer was so impressed at how well behaved and polite our children were.

Such a fun day!


From this experience the children were able to plan and write a recount of the day in their English lessons. 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This week the children have been learning about the Great Fire of London.

In English we talked about how Thomas Farriner felt concidering it was in his bakery on Pudding Lane that the fire started! 

We used 'Hot Seating' where a child takes on the role of the character and answers questions that the rest of the class may have,

some of the questions and answers were so amazing!


During our Topic lesson we learnt the events and timeline of the Fire of London, we learnt how and why it spread, why it got so big, 

why they couldn't put it our very effectively and how they eventually managed to try stop it spreading by using gunpowder to blow up some of the house to stop the fire spreading further. The children learnt that it started on Sunday morning and burnt until it went out on Thursday

when they were sequencing the events. 

In RE we have been learning about Ramadam and how the Muslim faith use this special period to be grateful for what they have and to help those less for fortunate than themselves.  Mrs Hussein has brought in some items that her family use and explained the importance of them. 

The children learnt to sing 'London's burning' they did so well remembering when to sing and which verse they were on.  Amazing!!

London's Burning

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This week in Maths the children have been practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We had a whole lesson on exploring different ways in which we could support ourselves to count. We used 100 squares, ordering number cards, making amounts with counters and cubes, writing the number sequences and finally by using numicon to support us. 

The children really enjoyed making Eid cards.  I hope that all the children and staff who have celebrated Eid this year have had a wonderful day! 

Eid Mubarak!

Today the children have participated in some mindful activities in aid of celebrating Mental Health Week. We spoke about being resilient, compassionate, calm, comforting and having perseverance. We did Cosmic Yoga, mindful colouring, did our Daily Mile as exercise is important for a healthy mind and we did drawing to music! We used the Mozart piece - Flight of the Bumblebee. 

Flight of the Bumblebee

This week in Maths we have been exploring sequencing number and finding missing numbers. The children enjoyed completing very practical activities to practise these skills. We used number cards, missing number sheets, iPads and games to help us consolidate our learning. We worked well as a team!

We made bread!

The children loved making their own bread in class, they helped to read the instructions and were very careful with the weighing of the ingredients. They helped to clean up and of course eat the bread! We made two loafs so we also had some for snack the next day with butter and jam.


Yeast experiment!

We used yeast to make our breads and wanted to see what it actually does in the bread mixture. We did an experiment to see the yeasty in action. It released bubbles and got bigger! The children could relate this with the bread having little bubble holes in it once cooked and that we needed to leave the bread to proof in order for it to rise.  

Will it float?


The children were challenged to make a boat that could float. They were given a range of resources, some of which would work and some which definitely would not like holey paper! They worked in small groups and had to agree on 2 resources and then make a prediction on what they thought might happen, make the boats then test them out in the tubs of water. They then had to evaluate each boat and decide which one was the best design and actually floated the best. They also had to decide what they would change for their next boat if they made them again. 
Lot's of team work, discussion and problem solving! The children were fully engaged and really enjoyed this lesson....can they make a boat to float at home?



The children used the iPads to practise writing a sentence. They explore the capital letter function, punctuation and format of the page. The children were very knowledgable on the iPads and knew how to access the different functions. We also explored a creative app that allowed the children to create a picture. There we options to create back drops, colour changes and add in text boxes, the children were very creative!