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Term 3 - Emperors and Empires

Emperors and Empires


In this topic, the children will be learning all about the Roman settlers and the impact and influences they have left in the United Kingdom. We will be recapping on the difference between the terms AD and BC in order to place important dates on a timeline.  We will be asking questions to help the children explore and understand the timeline, such as 'When did Julius Caesar invade Britain?'  'When did the Romans conquer Britain?' 'What happened in 410AD?'


Before the Romans came to Britain, very few people could read or write. The Romans kept written records which is how we know so much about them and their life in Britain. The children will be analysing the original written accounts in a journal and use them as evidence to compose a historical report about life in Roman Britain.

Children enjoying trying different drink combinations as part of their DT lesson

As part of our Design Technology lesson this week, the children have been tasting a variety of different drink combinations to see which they like best.  They then decided how they could make them both colder and sweeter.  

In music this week the children have introduced to Reggae music.  They have been learning to keep in time with Bob Marley's 'Three little birds'.

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD)

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD) I DONT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS SONG (c)All audio or any third party content belong to the respected owners unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

The children are really becoming expert chess players!

All set for our design technology lesson today

Wow what a morning we have had in year 3!


The children have been using their designs criteria to create their own cold drink based on their consumer research. They ensured food safety by washing their hands and ensured that the tables and equipment were cleaned prior to using them.

They also used correct cutting and grating techniques in order to prepare the fruits for their drinks.