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Beat, Band, Boogie

This term in English we are looking at the book The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson. It is a story about a Tin Soldier who only has one leg and is sent on an adventure but all he wants to do is to go home and see his ballerina. Our outcome is to create a piece of writing re-telling the story, focusing on character descriptions. To support this, we will be using a lot of drama techniques to help understand deeper each character's feelings and thoughts throughout the book.

We have been having great fun learning about different shapes and their properties. I turned this into a fun game were the children had to describe the shape using its properties (faces, vertices, edges, curved surfaces) and their partner has to identify what shape they are describing. As you can see we had a blast!

We had a very special and exciting visitor in today to discuss all about carbon monoxide safety! We loved seeing Safety Seymore! We got to pretend we were different parts of our body and act put what happens when we inhale carbon monoxide. We especially liked it when we got to see Safety Seymore fly!

In DT (Design and Technology) this term we are going to be making our own drums! To do this we are going to explore different drums from around the world and evaluate which ones we find are easiest to use, are not too heavy and makes the best sound. After we have explored these different drums, we will set our own criteria for making our own drums. We will be sharing how our drums turn out on here! 

In preperation of making our own drums we brought in a special guest to show the children different types of drums from all around the world! We were able to explore these drums by playing them and attempting to keep a rhythm. We learnt all about how they use them and why they use them. For instance, some countries use drums to communicate to other villages! Have a look at our amazing drum session!