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Our next School Council meeting will be on Monday 8th December 2014 @ 2.30pm in the Dinning Hall.




A big THANK YOU from the school council to all of you that brought a wrist band from us on Friday morning. We raised £54 for Children in Need.





Our next school council meeting will be on Wednesday 19th November 2014 @ 2.20pm.  We will be taking in your ideas of how to make reading more exciting in school, please make sure that you have mentioned your suggestions to your class school council members.



  School council meeting 22nd October 2014


This week we discussed:


We agreed that for Children in Need this year the school council will be selling wrist bands in the playground for £1 each. This will happen before and after school on Friday 14th November.



We took feed back from class councils about the charity you would like to support this coming year. We have given the results to Mr Rapps and he will announce who you have voted for in assembly.


We will be asking you in class councils about how we can make reading more exciting in our school.


Feedback from class councils


Yr2 Hazel- would like to have a race track painted again on the playground. Erol is going to talk to Mr Rapps about this.

Yr4 Willow-Said the toilets near the dinner hall were too small and sometimes smelt. Shanel is going to talk to Mr Rapps about what we can do about this.

Yr4 Ash- Asked if we could have a street dance club. Jasmine is going to talk to Mr Stevens on your behalf.







Out next school council meeting will be in Wednesday 22nd October. Don't forget if you need anything raised at our meeting tell your school council representative.





Today we held our first school council meeting. Our first project is to help Mr Rapps choose a whole school charity for the school to support this academic year. We will be asking you at class council you opinion. There are four suggestions. These are; Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Alfe's cause, Kids aid & Rainbows.


From class councils


Yr 5 would like some different type of clubs.  Jasmine and Nadiya are going to talk to Mr Rapps about this.

Yr1 Hazel asked if KS1 could have a break time climbing frame rota. Yasir and Deyonce are going to ask Mrs Edwards to do this.





Don't forget our first school council meeting will be on Wednesday 8th October @2.30pm.  If you have anything that you wish to be discussed please tell you class school council members.





Congratulations to our new School Council Members!!!





Welcome back everyone!!!


In the next couple of weeks we will be holding class elections for our new School Council members.  Your teacher will be telling you all about it.


Good luck to everyone who is nominating themselves.