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Term 1- Childhood

Our overall topic this term is called 'Childhood'. During this topic we will be teaching you about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources. 


Take a look at what we have been doing...







This week we have been sorting buttons based on what is the same about them. We focused on colour, size and number of holes.

In art we have been starting to look at self portraits.

Lastweek in DT we designed our own bus shelters. This week we have used junk materials to create a bus shelter as a group.

In RE we have been learning about the creation story. Here we are putting the story into order by what happened each day.

We have been representing numbers on a number track and a tens frame.

We have been learning different ways of joining materials, this week we have learnt and had a go at running stitch.

This week we designed a shelter which we could all fit in.

Great to see so many parents join us making dream catchers.

Take a look at our learning in provision this week.

This week in science we have been labelling the human body.

We had a visit from the toy library and had chance to look and play with the old toys.

This week in science we have been learning about our senses. We have used our sense of smell and taste to smell and try different things.

We have been colour mixing in art.

In a geography this week we have been looking at woodland environments. We went to the forest school area to see what we could see.

We enjoyed making snowflakes during parents morning.

This week I’m art we have been colour mixing to create a piece of artwork.

You all did so well in our Christmas play!

We had a great afternoon at our Christmas party.