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Summer 2 - Scented Garden!


This half term we will be learning about all things related to flowers and plants. We will be learning all about the famous painter 'Vincent van Gogh' and will be writing a non-chronological report about him. We will also be learning all about how to paint in his style and creating our own versions of his paintings. In Science we will be learning about the basic needs of plant, the different parts of plants and will be conducting our own experiments on the best environments for plants to grow!



In computing this half term we are learning all about programming! We have really enjoyed using a programming application to draw squares and rectangles! Here are some of the codes we learned how to use:

  • fd
  • lt
  • rt
  • bk
  • cs
  • repeat [ ] 

Here are some pictures of our programmed shapes!



This half term we are going to be investigating the conditions that plant grow best in. This week we planned our investigation and have planted some cress seeds. We have placed cress on the windowsill with water, on the windowsill with no water, in the fridge and in the dark. We chose these spaces so we could think about how water, light and temperature will affect their growth. Keep an eye on this page for update on how our cress is growing!