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Term 2- Through the ages

The children creating freeze frames to show important parts of the story Stone Age Boy

The children are looking at the different properties of rocks in Science

The children will learn about daily life in the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age, exploring different artefacts and sources to help inform their historical enquiry. In Science, they will investigate the different types of rock formation as well as fossils. In English, they will use the text “Stone Age Boy” to inform their writing. They will create a variety of writing types including setting descriptions. They will understand the term Stone Age life and how it is defined by the use of stone for making tools and weapons and the transition from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle to farming. They will understand how the Bronze Age life is defined by the use of metals, including bronze, to make tool s, weapons and objects, and the creation of large settlements and social hierarchy. They will also l earn about how Iron Age life is defined by the use of metals, including iron, to make stronger, more effective tools and weapons and fine, decorative objects.