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Term 4- Splendid Skies

Our new topic is called Splendid Skies.

We will be learning all about the Weather in Science and will be carrying out some different investigations such as what happens to our shadows throughout the day!

In Topic we will be learning about Sir Francis Beaufort and the Northampton Floods that happened in 1998.

Our English learning will be based on a booked called Bog Baby. In Maths we are focusing on division and multiplication and methods to help us solves these questions. We will also be looking at 3D shapes and their properties.

Take a look at some of the fabulous work the children did during the half term! 

Our first English lesson to start the new term was based around 5 objects. 

A bucket, wellies, leaves, rain coat and a net.



We talked about the objects and thought about why they might all link. The children then worked in groups to describe the objects and write some sentences about the way it looked and what it could be used for or what it was.

We then used the drama convention Rolling Theatre to share our ideas.




We have been learning instructions about How to catch a Bog Baby.

To help us learn the instructions we have been using actions to help us remember. 

Use the pictures to see if you can recall the instructions at home.

We have been celebrating pancake day in Hazel class!

World book day!

In our Maths lesson we have been learning about 3D shapes. We played the game What am I? In partners. One person had to describe it properties whilst the other had to guess what shape they were describing. 

Can you have a go at home?




In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and arrays. Some children went orienteering outside to find some numbers and they worked in pairs to make the arrays.

Our last week of Term 4 we have been consolidating all our learning. On Monday we had a Maths day and the children completed a range of carousel activities. On Tuesday we had a phonics days. The children practiced reading sentences and words in preparation for their Phonics Test.