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Misty Mountain, Winding River

In D&T, we created our own William Morris inspired block printed pattern

In Science, we sorted living things into their correct kingdom before subdividing the animal kingdom into vertebrates and invertebrates

We sketched a section of a landscape using a view finder to focus

We love reading!

We explored different ways of 'unwinding' during Children's mental health day

We created Bankura horses out of clay in Art!

We used Logo to create letters using code in Computing

We created posters in Geography about how a river changes the landscape

We used dictionaries in Guided Reading to understand unfamiliar vocabulary

We tested different fabrics in DT

We explored the difference between mm and cm during Maths

In Art, we block printed our animal patterns

We investigated and drew the patterns of different animals in Art

We explored calculations relating to known facts in Maths

We read our diary entries about a journey to a river aloud

We took a master class in Art to learn how to sketch a dog