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Term 5

Term 5

Topic: This term our topic is Groundbreaking Greeks. 


The children will be building on their prior learning about Ancient Greece and finding out about influential figures from the period, such as Ancient Greek doctor, physician and teacher Hippocrates, and a range of philosophers, scientists and mathematicians. We will also be exploring the origins of the Olympic Games, and the life of Alexander the Great.


English: In English we are starting the term with a fabulous book which links beautifully with our topic. Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans is an exciting adventure about a boy called Elliot who's life collides with immortals - both good and bad!


Maths: In maths, we start the term with adding and subtracting decimals. We will be applying our knowledge to solving more complex problems.

Ramadan Decorative Art

Friendship Friday - To launch our friendship-themed term, we had a wonderful day enjoying a range of friendship activities.