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Summer 1-Bounce!

Welcome to our summer term! This half term our topic is Bounce! We are going to be learning about different ball games as well as how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We are going to research about an important famous sporting hero and will learn how to write a biography. We will also learn how to play the game rounders and will then write a set of instructions on how to play the game.

In Maths we have been learning about time. We had fun playing with some loop cards where we had to match the clock to the written time. 

We had fantastic fun at Zoomania celebrating the end of our SATs! The children worked so hard in their tests and really deserved to let off some steam. They behaved beautifully!

This week in our topic lessons we have tasted a variety of different pizza toppings. Some of which the children had not tasted before. We also considered the different food groups used to make the whole pizza and then designed our own pizzas. We had lots of fun making them! In our English lesson tomorrow we will be writing instructions on how to make a pizza. 

Our Jubilee celebration day was lovely! The children made crowns and flags and waved them enthusiastically while eating their afternoon tea on the field!