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Are you ready to learn all about Space and the planets?


In English we will be looking at the story of Beegu and innovating it before writing our own space story.


In maths we will be building on our knowledge of missing numbers for addition and subtraction, find 1/2 and 1/4 of shapes and quantities  before we look at position and direction and quarter and three quarter turns.


In topic we will learn about our solar system and create some art work of the planets. We will plan, design, make and evaluate our rockets and learn all about Neil Armstrong and why he is a significant individual. 








You have done a great job on your homework projects, they are fantastic!

We have been freeze far,OMG different parts of Beegu.

Some of our Bastille day art work inspired by Monet and his ‘Dusk in Venice’ painting. We also tried some french food.