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Term 2 - Coastline

Our driver project this term is 'Coastline'. This project teaches children about the physical and human features of coastal regions across the United Kingdom.


Have a look at our curriculum map below to see what we are going to be learning in more depth.

Our first day back at school we had... A BEACH DAY!


We spoke about all of the different things you would do at a beach and got the chance to do some of those things in our classroom. We built sandcastles, went rock pooling, played volleyball, sunbathed, wrote postcards home and finally had chips!!


We had a great morning!

This week in English we have started reading a new story called 'The mousehole cat' by Antonia Barber and Nicola Bayley.



This is an old cornish tale about a man called Tom and his pet cat Mowzer.


We have learned so far that Tom is a great owner and Mowzer loves all of the nice things he does for her like...


•Never spilt the cream when he was filling her saucer.
•Stoked the range to a beautiful golden glow.
•Rocked the rocking chair at just the right speed.
•Knew the exact spot Mowzer liked to be tickled (behind her left ear).
•Caught fish for dinner.
We created some freeze frames to represent each of the things Mowzer likes - can you tell which is which?!