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Summer Term - Emperors and Empires

This project teaches children about the history and structure of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, including a detailed exploration of the Romanisation of Britain.


As part of the English this term, the children will be creating poetry, learning about Roman myths and the importance of these to Roman's, they will then be writing a biography based on Boudica and then writing letters from a Roman solider.


In maths this term, the children will continue to look at fractions, moving onto finding fractions of amounts.  


In Science this term, the children will be looking at flowering plants, identifying the parts and functions.

The children have been testing a range of materials to see which are reflective

Testing suitable materials for our greenhouses

Children enjoying their weekly chess lesson

In science, the children have been investigating how water is transported in plants

Children using their plans from last week to teach a new skill in PHSE

Finding lines of latitude and longitude in Geography

In History, the children have been looking at timelines, in order to understand how and when the Romans came to Britain.

In PHSE this week, the children have been learning about the importance of planning in order to learn a new skill.