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Our Senior Attendance Champion is Miss Brear

Importance of Good attendance


Out of the 365 days in a year, your child will only be at school for 190 of those. That is only 52% of the year!


Research has proven that there is a high correlation between school attendance and academic performance and success.

Absence from school is often the greatest single cause of poor performance and achievement. 




Good Attendance Means

 Being in school for at least 96% of the time




What can parents and carers do to encourage school attendance?


  • Encourage your child to come to school. School is fun and exciting!
  • Don’t keep them off from school unless they are REALLY poorly.
  • Give yourself and your child plenty of time in the morning. Stick to the same routine.
  • Make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Contact the school first thing in the morning if they are unwell and keep them informed.
  • Bring your child to school on time and pick them up on time.
  • Let the school know if you change your address and/or telephone number.
  • If you are experiencing problems with getting your child to school; speak to the teaching staff early.
  • Don’t take holidays in term time


What to do if your child is absent due to illness or medical appointment


If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, you need to phone 01604 751130  by   8.50am with the following information:

  • Name
  • Class
  • Reason for absence

If your child will be absent because of a medical appointment, please inform the office prior to the appointment. You will be asked for evidence of this. e.g text or letter.


If your child is late


Your child needs to be in their classroom by 8.50am. If they arrive after that time, please bring your child to the school office to sign them in.


Any absence due to a holiday


School needs to be informed in advance if you are planning to take your child on holiday during term time. A request for time off form needs to be completed (see link below) and returned to the school office, who will then make an appointment for you to speak with Miss Brear or Miss Sutton.


Schools are no longer able to authorise absence for family holidays. So please be aware that if you do decide to take your child on holiday during term time you may be subject to a fine from the Northamptonshire County Council Education Entitlement Services team. 

Attendance monitoring


As stated in our policy, Miss Brear will conduct weekly monitoring of attendance. Attendance and lateness will be done on alternate weeks.

If you wish to contact Miss Brear to talk about your child's absence you can phone the school office on 01604 751130



Is there support to help my child attend?


Yes. You can contact our Family Support Worker, Mrs Russell, at any time and discuss the individual needs of your child. If there are any significant issues that may impact on your child’s punctuality then please inform Mrs Russell, our Family Support Worker as we may be able to offer advice or support to you.

If you wish to contact Mrs Russell to talk about your concerns you can phone the school office on 01604 751130


How we reward good attendance?


  • Class weekly attendance rewards for 96% or above with extra playtime and lollies.
  • 100% attendance mystery week.
  • Class with the highest termly attendance in each Key Stage wins £50 to spend on the class.
  • 15 day attendance challenge for identified children