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Summer 1 - Emperors and Empires

Over the last few weeks in Maths we have been working on telling the time, using lots of practical resources to help us. We finished the topic by solving word problems!

In Guided Reading this week, we have used dictionaries to find the definitions of words that were unfamiliar to us.

This week in DT, we assessed the suitability of different materials for the roof of a greenhouse.

In DT this week, we used saws for the first time. We learnt about safety around tools, and used them to create butt joints with the help of an adult.

In Guided Reading this term, we have been reading Romans on a rampage by Jeremy Strong. We have really enjoyed it so far, and find it very funny!

This week in DT, we have investigated frame structures and how adding triangle shapes into structures helps with their rigidity. We used sweets and cocktail sticks and experimented with creating our own!

This week in science, we learnt about the life cycle of a flower. We organised our cards into the correct order, working well as a team and all doing out part to help out.

This week in computing we remembered some of our key rules for online safety. We then used these to create a blog and posted messages to each other.

In English this week, we wrote simile poems based on a friend or family member. We then read them out to the rest of the class, making sure to speak with a clear and controlled voice.

This week in History, we created a human timeline for events that happened during the Roman Empire. We worked as a class to organise ourselves into chronological order.