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Our curriculum is implemented through termly topics which are carefully planned to ensure that knowledge and skills are covered and progression occurs. We explicitly teach key skills and subject specific knowledge and vocabulary and build upon children’s knowledge and skills through a series of lessons.


Wherever possible, the topic is used to link core and foundation subjects together such as literacy, history, geography, art and design. Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social development opportunities are offered through our curriculum, alongside British Values, to support our children’s personal development and prepare them for life in modern Britain.


We recognise that children have different needs and so teachers make allowances for this in their planning and delivery. We use a range of approaches including practical activities and discussions. Teachers plan using the termly planning sheet, which are also shared with parents each term on the school website. Children are given meaningful ‘homework projects’ that help to engage them in each topic.


Teachers are encouraged to broaden the experience of the topics for the children, by using the rich local environment as a basis for learning and also by providing opportunities for outdoor learning and fieldwork, educational visits, visitors into school and shared experiences of the wider school community, e.g. involvement with parents and school links.


We value the diversity of individuals within the school. All children have equal access to the curriculum and are treated fairly regardless of race, religion or ability.