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Term 5



Thank you for all your ideas from Class Councils. Here is what you said.


  • The water fountain near the library is broken.
  • Year 6 are swearing at other children.
  • Year 6 are always getting their own way in playing football. We would like to play other sports as well.
  • Can we have the KS2 pegs in a different place as we are getting squashed?
  • Can we eat our packed lunches outside when it is sunny?



School Council update.


The dinner ladies are now going to come to the middle of the playground to ring the bell for lunches as some of you said that you could not always hear them.


You have asked in class councils…

  • Can we ask the parents join in singing in Friday assembly?
  • Year3&4 boys are weeing on the floor can we have a toilet guardian to stop this happening?
  • Can we have fake grass for the bike shed as it is muddy?



Thank you for all your feedback from class councils. Here are the issues that you raised.


  • The small children at the back of Friday assembly are still making noise and teachers and children are complaining about it. Is it possible for Sandy to run a crèche for these children?

  • We are still hearing parents swearing in the playground please can you remind parents again in the Monday news?

  • Can you please let Kingwood know that the knives and forks are often dirty?

  • Dinner ladies are using water from year 2 Cherry and this is not clean water.

  • Is there a date for the new water fountain to fill our water bottles in the playground?