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Term 3



The following matters that have been raised in our Class councils


  • Key Stage One children are hearing the older children swearing around school.
  • Will the new playground surface be hard or soft?
  • Can we have a shaded snack area?
  • At lunchtime children are drinking the water from the cups but instead of putting the remaining water in the bin they are leaving it on the trays for water and other children are then drinking it.
  • Children are taking lunch out of lunch boxes in Key Stage 2. Can we have a safer area to store our lunch boxes? 


This week the School Council voted and short listed two pairs of names for our two school buildings. This week your teacher will be asking you to vote for the one you like best.


We will be talking to Mr Rapps about the following things that you have raised in your Class councils.


  • We still have not had the blinds fixed in Year One. Is there a date in the diary for this?
  • Can we have a French club? Can Mrs Webster run this?
  • We are concerned about the amount of litter on the playground.
  • The girls toilet door in the middle cubical downstairs is broken.
  • We are concerned about the amount of parents talking during Friday assembly and that smaller children are making a lot of noise which means we cannot hear.
  • Year 6 boys are being rude to other children and to Lucus.
  • Can the dinner ladies sweep the floor more often?




Following our meeting here is the feedback from Class Councils about ideas for the playground exercise areas.

  • Cones to run around, exercise bikes, skipping ropes, punch bag/gloves, small weights, manual treadmill, mats, small trampoline, large tyres, swing, pull up bars, obstacles, hula hoops, speed bars, gym rings and steps.


Class Councils have raised the following issues;


  • Do we need to have a letter sent home to parents of children who are not wearing correct footwear to school?

  • Children are concerned that parents are swearing around the school and smoking right outside the school gates. Can we ask parents if they wish to smoke can they do it on the other side of the road?

  • Can we have a cooking club?



Here is the feedback from classes concerning the following questions. (excluding Yr1 Hazel, Yr1 Chestnut & Yr2 Cherry)

  • How many children would use a prayer room= 63chn would like one


  • Do we need a KS2 football rota: Yr3 =6 chn,  Yr 4=10chn, Yr5=30chn (but girls and boys rota please), Yr 6 said no they did not want one.



  • How many children would use an exercise area= 120chn

We will be asking you in Class Councils for suggestions for this area.


Feedback from Class Councils.

  • Dinner ladies are still eating the food (Yr 5 & 6)
  • Dinner ladies are making excuses so they children cannot have seconds (Yr6)






Thank you for all you feedback from your Class Councils. These are the concerns raised.


  • You asked if it is possible to have a bigger basket ball court so that you can play games.
  • You asked if we can have balls back on the top playground.
  • You have mentioned that KS2 children are being silly in the disabled cublicals.
  • You have asked when the toilets are going to be fixed.
  • You have said that children with relatives as dinner ladies are going to these dinner ladies when they are not supposed to.


We will be speaking to Mr Rapps about these concerns.


In Class Councils we will be asking you....


  • How many children would use a prayer room?
  • How many children would use an exercise area?
  • Do KS2 children need a football rota?


Our next meeting will be on the 29th Jan in the dining hall @2.30pm