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Land Ahoy! Autumn 1

Week 1

We have been learning about place value this week. We have been discussing how the value of a digit in a number depends on its place. We have been using the arrow cards to aid our understanding.

Week 2

We have continued our work on place value this week by using base ten to represent the amount of tens and ones in a number. We have also drawn representations of different numbers using 'sticks and dots'.  

Week 3

We have been using our creative skills this week. First we made our paper look old by staining it with tea and then we designed and drew our own pirate maps using oil pastels.

X marks the spot where treasure is buried!

Week 4

This week we followed instructions to draw a cartoon pirate. We then used our own creativity to colour him in. We were all very proud of our work.

Week 5

This week we learnt about Rosa Parks, we watched a video about her life to help us understand why she was such an important individual. We discussed the words ‘justice’ and ‘equality.

Week 6

This week we have been exploring the properties of 2d and 3d shapes. We applied our knowledge and sorted shapes using Venn diagrams.