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Summer 1- Bright Lights Big City



Our Topic for Term 5 is called Bright Lights Big City.

We will be basing our learning all about London and the Queen.


The children will be writing invitations to the Queen to invite her to a tea party and they will then write a recount about the tea party.

We will also be learning all about The Great Fire of London and the famous landmarks.

We have had a fun start to our topic. On Monday 19th we had a tea party and a special guest turned up. 

Lady Spencer!


Unfortunately the Queen wrote back to our invitations and she was unable to attend so she sent a special guest instead.

We all curtseyed and bowed when we met her and sang the national anthem whilst waving our flags. We also ate some lovely food and learnt how to waltz. 

The children had lots of fun!

Week 3


In our topic lesson we learnt all about The Great Fire of London. 

The children were able to sequence the events and describe what happened during the fire. 

We learnt that the fire started at Thomas Farriners Bakery so the children had lots of questions they wanted to ask him. We hot seated Thomas during our English lesson.




Still image for this video
Here’s a snippet of our hot seating.

As a school we have been taking part in the Daily Mile. The children have been running laps of the path in the field and they have been counting how many they do. We add up our laps to see how many miles we have ran. 

This week we have ran 60 miles as a class! 

That means we have ran all the way to London! 

Well done Hazel Class :) 

In our Science lessons we have been looking at materials. We carried out an investigation to find out which material would be best for an umbrella. The children worked in groups to test whether some materials were waterproof or not.

If you ask them, hopefully they can tell you which material we decided would be best for an umbrella and explain why.

Take a look at the art work the children created to show The Great Fire of London.



Take a look at our Eid cards we made!

The children have enjoyed taking part in Eid activities.

Hazel class are very proud because they have really good attendance every week which means they win lollies!


As part of our Topic we learnt about The Great Fire of London so the children had a go at making bread.

The children also got to try it with some butter and jam and they said it was delicious!

Our final Week of Term 5


We have been completing lots of fun carousel activities to recap our reading and maths learning from the Term.

The children had a chance to show off all their knowledge and to take part in lots of independent activities. 

They had the opportunity to do lots of reading and show their understanding of what they have read. In their Maths they recapped addition and subtraction and used different resources to help them solve the questions. They had to quarter and half numbers and show how they represent a number using tens and ones.

Our science topic has been all about materials. The children worked in small groups to complete an investigation to see which material would be best to make a boat and they had to test their boat to see whether it would float.

In their groups they had to chose two materials out of six and then they had to make a boat using that material. They had to discuss why they thought these materials were best.

Look at our pictures to see if you can identify which material floated and made the best boat.

Here’s some picture of us during our computing lesson. Wad a go at using the keyboard on an iPad to write. We learnt how to make capital letters and how to use full stops and numbers.