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Years 5 & 6

Lalani lives on the island of Sanlagita, a place where plants struggle to grow in the relentless sun, and where people live in fear of the spirit of the nearby Mount Kahna. Ruled by a cruel menyoro, Sanlagitans obey his demands for complete loyalty yet continue to suffer for what he describes as their sins and impure thoughts.

No-one is allowed to leave the small village and venture onto the mountain - yet when Lalani meets Ellseth, a strange, horned being on Mount Kahna, she realises that there is great magic on the island.

When Lalani's mother gets ill from the mender's disease, an infection from a pricked finger, Lalani decides that she will attempt the perilous trip across the monster-filled sea to nearby Mount Isa, where she had heard a plant grows that will heal her mother. But how will she be successful where so many men have failed?

Erin Entrada Kelly's novel is woven with mythological stories which explain how the island came to be, and what forces protect it. Alongside Lalani's story of resistance against the cruel men in her village, her love for her mother and her bravery against the magical forces of nature, this is a stunning, magical book about what happens when we don't understand and respect nature.


Ware loves spending time in his own world, but when his grandmother has a fall, his parents bundle him off to the summer group he hates.

Uncomfortable around the other kids - and not sure how to engage in the Meaningful Social Interaction his parents are so keen on - he finds refuge in the abandoned church next door.

There, Ware meets the whipsmart, fiery Jolene, who has started tending the church's garden – but she's scornful of his daydreams, urging him to live in the real world. It doesn't seem like they have much in common until their sanctuary is threatened. Can Ware finally be the hero he dreams of becoming?


On Christmas Eve, twelve-year-old Tammy mysteriously disappears from her Northumbrian village. Despite an extensive search, she is nowhere to been found, although Ethan, her twin brother, instinctively knows she is still alive.

Ethan and his friend Iggy are astounded when, a few days later, a short, hairy and rather stinky alien disembarks from an invisible spacecraft which has crash-landed in the reservoir. Introducing herself as Hellyann, the alien explains that Tammy has been abducted and taken to the planet Anthalla, where she will be exhibited at the human zoo. Although Anthallans are not permitted to display any emotions, Hellyann feels uncomfortable about this forced imprisonment and wishes to return the girl to Earth. The boys accompany their unusual new friend on a bizarre rescue mission to the distant planet, unsure if they will ever return.