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Years 1 & 2


Harry Stevenson, a rather plump ginger guinea pig, is very fond of carrots and dandelions. He's also very fond of his owner, Billy. Harry's always sad when Billy has to disappear to the mysterious place called 'school' every day, but this time, Billy is taking Harry to school for show and tell. Yippee! Yet when it turns out that Fergus has also brought in his pet - a corn snake - the day turns out to have some unexpected results....

This illustrated young reader book contains two stories, perfect for young animal fans that aren't looking for long reads. In the second story, Billy, Maya and Harry enjoy a fun day at the local swanky hotel until Mr Bevan the hotel manager gets suspicious about all the bite marks in the plants, and Harry foils a robber intent on stealing a very special trophy.


Chick, Spot and Brain are friends. Despite his name, Brain is maybe not the smartest, and so Chick spends quite a lot of time explaining things to him, like how to use please and thank you when you’re asking people to smell your foot, or asking for the pepper when you’re eating lunch. It’s an uphill struggle, but Chick is up to the task.


Willow is exploring the garden of her new house when she meets the Wild Things: a small band of barefoot children with sticks and feathers in their hair. After they capture Willow’s dog Sniff, she pursues them across Green Slime River and into the woods beyond, where she learns that they need Sniff to help track the monster that’s been invading their camp. Their friend Bear went after the monster alone and has disappeared! So Willow and Sniff join the Wild Things, navigating their way past Outsiders, through the Valley of the Killer Plants and across the stinky swamp, before facing the swamp monster itself in order to help their friend.


Princess Pea of Twinkletown is perfectly pristine - but although she diligently practices yoga, she longs to climb trees. To celebrate the selection of her first Royal Unicorn, Queen Bee and King Barry organise a Unicorn Parade. Everyone is delighted with the sugary sweet unicorns except Princess Pea who is besotted with a pig with a horn – Unipiggle!

No-one can find a reason to exclude Unipiggle, so the competition begins. But when a storm appears and wreaks havoc, Princess Pea sneaks away, tempted by a marshmallow tree - only to become trapped in mud! Which unicorn will bravely rescue the Princess and win her heart?