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Y6 - Mr Hughes - Oak

Tuesday 23rd June


Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole. Focussing on Lawrence 'Titus' Oates. Famous quote: "I'm going outside....I may be some time." - We have used talk for writing to generate ideas that have been used by the children to write his last diary entries.


Staring Sammi as 'Titus' Oates!!







Thursday 4th June

The final term has arrived!


Year 6 have a busy time ahead of them. Not only will their topic 'Frozen Kingdom' will lead them to the Antarctic, they will also experience algebra, and work their way through the 'Journeys Project' as they prepare for life in Secondary School - this all leads to the transition day when they will visit their new schools. There is also the matter of preparing for the Leavers Assembly, and for some a 3 day residential in Grendon!!  

This term will see the Year 6 continuing all their hard work, as their SATs get closer and closer! We will be spending plenty of time time getting in some final revision - Spending our literacy lessons looking at SPAG.


Our topic this term is Darwin's delight, where the children will be looking at the journey taken by Darwin, looking closely at the many unusual species he came across and studied.



Started today acting out adverbs!!



21st January 2015

Dear Parents,

Just to keep you updated about the transition of your children to Secondary School.

Within the next few weeks, in class we will be beginning to guide them through the activities on  a 'Heroes Journey'. This is a countywide strategy that all children in Year 6 have access to. It focuses on their feeling and emotions during this period of time, enabling us to see how the children are coping with the whole transition process.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this , please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Mr Hughes.



Mrs Jones



 This week we have spend time working as groups on large 'whiteboards' which are stuck to the table! - the children love the idea of being able to share their ideas and work together - thanks Miss Egley!!



Our topic in Year 6 this term is: Tomorrow's World


In literacy we have worked in groups to generate ideas to persuade Mr Rapps to buy a class set of Ipads!!Children Magpied words from each other


Children Magpied ideas from the other groups.