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Y6 - Miss Egley - Oak

Letter to parents

Today we made replica fossils using plaster of Paris.

Today Year 6 started their Hero's Journey transistion lessons; they began to think about different ways of being intelligent.

Today Year 6 went to Benham Sports Arena as their reward for working so hard running up to and during their SATs tests.

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Click here to see a small sample of our writing from this week. We have written short stories to enter a competition - what do you think?

On Thursday Year 6 had a Mexican party to celebrate our hard work and effort leading up to and during SATS test week!

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Today in science we investigated the forces acting upon a paper helicopter.

Year 6 currently each have a log on for a website to support with their SPAG revision. While we are using it in class, children are also expected to access it at home. The website is - if you have forgotten your password, come and see miss Egley for a reminder. 

Payments for our residential to Grendon are due in this term, if you have incomplete payments, please visit the school office to organise a pay schedule or discuss your payment options. 




Well done to all Year 6's who took part in today's egg-stravaganza! All of your design were egg-cellent and it was egg-stremely difficult to choose just one winner 👏🏻

Here is the 3D shape nets game we played in maths today:

On Friday we went on a trip to Holdenby House. It was fantastic! A huge thank you to all the parents who organised fancy dress and costume for the children - it really added to the authenticness of the experience.

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Please notice that I have added a new page at the top of this page where you will soon be able to find revision documents to print out at use at home.


I have also created a class folder of SPAG activities here:


Well done to everyone who performed in our Panto of Puss in Boots last night. You were all fantastic!

Our topic for term 2 is 'Frozen Kingdom'. We will be learning about The Arctic and Antarctic - do you know which is which?

This week we planned and carried out an investigation to find out if salt affects the buoyancy of objects.

On Thursday 3rd December we went ice skating!

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Today we proposed new British laws and presented them to the class. Here is one example.

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The boys suggested that unhealthy, sugary foods and drinks should have a 25% cost increase and junk food adverts should be banned on TV before 9pm. What do you think?

In English this week we started to look into the events leading up to the sinking of The Titanic.

Today in maths we used cuisenaire rods to explore fractions. Here is the link to a website where you can continue at home:

Today we launched our topic by building igloos and locating The Arctic and Antarctica in atlases.

Our topic in term 1 is 'Blood Heart' where we will be exploring our circulatory system and examine the veins, arteries and chambers of the heart. We will learn how our heart works to keep us alive and what happens when a heart becomes unhealthy.



On Friday we used Book Creator to present what we have learnt this term.

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A journey through the Cardiovascular System

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Year 6 First Aid Workshop

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Today we played a simple game of Nim and asked, 'what if...?' questions.

Today we made 'blood' - can you see the different components?

Year 6 have worked hard to perfect the long division method.

Some children have been using numicon to support their division this week.

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Year 6 French this week

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Today we started reading 'Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman. We did some writing in the viewpoint of the main character Cameron.

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Character viewpoint

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Which type of exercise has the most impact on our heart rate?

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Today we planned an investigation to see which type of exercise has more impact on our heart rate. In the pictures below, you can compare Matthew's resting heart rate to his heart rate after he ran around the play ground three times.

We've had a busy week in Oak class this week!

We had a fantastic Science lesson this afternoon - dissecting lamb's hearts - with the help of the Biology Department at The Duston School.

On Friday we learnt about the circulatory system. We used red paper to show oxygenated blood and blue to show deoxygenated blood.

Our visiting artist, Carole Miles, was in this morning. We used different materials and techniques to represent the heart, including wax resistance inking and designing felt hearts. We're looking forward to next week when we get to sew them up!