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Y2 - Holly- Mrs Allibon/Miss Brear

Our Last Week Celebrations!


We had an awards ceremony celebrating our achievements this year in Year 2-all the children were presented with a certificate and cheered each other on! Well done Holly and Cherry Class on an amazing year!

Week beginning: 15/06/15

This week in Literacy we have read 'The Princess and the Frog'. The children have enjoyed taking part in drama activities and were visited by the main characters in the story (you may recognise them!). The children hot-seated the characters, asking them questions about their thoughts, feelings and actions. They then wrote down what they said in speech bubbles.

Continuing with our drama for writing, we have also been 'sculpting' the frog from the Princess and the Frog. This is where one person in the class is the frog and other members of the class position him so that his body shows his thoughts and feelings.
Welcome to Term 6! I can't believe how quickly the school year is going. This half term our topic is 'Bounce'. To kick off our topic we visited Benham Sports Arena and had a go at trampolining and some ball games. Take a look at our photos; as you can tell we had a great time!


Continuing with our 'Bounce' theme we went outside today to see how far we could throw a ball. We measured our throws using trundle wheels and recorded the measurements in metres and centimetres, some children are now able to use decimal notation to do this. We are going to create bar charts from our results.  

We have been learning all about plants and trees in Science this week. We went on a tree hunt in our school grounds and collected leaves from the different trees. We then went back to the classroom and looked at the leaves closely so that we could name the trees we have in our school grounds.

Problem: In Miss Christies class there are 24 children. All children bring a packed lunch to school so Miss Christie needs somewhere to store them. The caretaker is going to build a rectangle lunchbox trolley. How could the lunchboxes be arranged to fit a rectangle trolley?


30/4/15                                         The story of 20

We worked with our partners to think of as many facts as we could about the number 20.

We have been problem solving with our parents looking at how many Polygons we could make.


Welcome to term 5!


This will be a very busy term for us as we will be doing our SATs. Since returning from the Easter holidays we have been learning all about nocturnal animals. We have learned lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs, owls, bats, foxes and badgers. Did you know that hedgehogs can swim?! Another interesting fact is that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets!

Have a look at the following website, it has some useful information about the above animals.




Coins Game

Hello year 2 Holly class. Here is the link to the game we played in Numeracy today. Have a go at home and let me know how you do.



Attendance Cup Winners!!

Well done Y2 Holly class! 

I am so proud of you for coming first place this week and winning the best attendance cup.

Keep it up! no


Muck, Mess & Mixtures
Y2 Holly Class Love Getting Messy!


I think it's fair to say this brilliant topic is fast becoming my personal favourite. Just a couple of weeks in to term and we have been having the most fun exploring materials and the different things we can do to create changes and reactions. Here are a few (well actually a lot) of pictures to show you how much fun the children have been having in science lessons. We have been making predictions and learning how to make a test fair.

I can't wait for the next lesson... especially as it involves chocolate and marshmallows! Come back to our page next week to see what we get up to.









Odds and Evens
We've had a busy start to term in Numeracy too learning about the properties of two digit numbers, estimating and sequences of odd and even numbers. We have been using Numicon to help us with calculations.

Here we explored patterns with odd and even numbers.