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Word of the Week

Every week, we have a new exciting word that we aim to use within our writing. 


Week 1; 

Cautiously - to work in a way that deliberately avoids harm  

                  Cut the sandwich in half cautiously 

Week 2;

Unkempt - to have an untidy appearance 

           Charlie Bucket had an unkempt appearance. 

Week 3;

Ecstatic - Feeling or expressing overwhelming joy or happiness

           Charlie felt ecstatic to have won the golden ticket

Week 4;

Delectable - extremely delicious 

           The chocolate was delectable

Week 5;

Eccentric- a person (or behaviour) that is slightly strange and unconventional

                  Willy Wonka was an eccentric person 

Week 6;

Luscious - having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste 

            The strawberry ice cream was luscious